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Colloidal Silver Drops, Spray and larger bottles.
Colloidal Silver Soap
EXTRA Strength Soap
Colloidal Silver GEL
Colloidal Silver Cream
Colloidal Silver Foot Cream
Colloidal Silver Healing Salve
Arnica and MSM Cream
Colloidal Silver Lip Balm
Colloidal Silver Salt Scrub
Pet Drops
Pet Soap
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Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver ProductsSilver Miracles is your source for the finest 'Made In America' Colloidal Silver Products available anywhere! We manufacture our products in Washington State and adhere to the strictest quality standards. You will not find finer Colloidal Silver products anywhere or at a better price!

Our Colloidal Silver is 50ppm and all water in our products is UNDILUTED Colloidal Silver. Our Colloidal Silver Gel is our strongest product at 75 ppm.

Our orders normally ship the next business day via 'USPS Priority' so you can expect your order in approximately 3 business days. When your item(s) ship, you will receive and email with a receipt and tracking information.

We look forward to serving your Colloidal Silver needs and hope you find that our products, prices and our customer service meet or exceed your expectations.

Thank you for stopping by. Please don't hesitate to email us any questions or inquiries you may have.


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